Interns & Volunteers

Buzz’s Bookworm, Inc. provides intern training offering hands-on skill development for students many local colleges, i.e., Rutgers, Stockton, Rowan, Arcadia, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Temple University and local county colleges.

The training provided for interns teaches many aspects of behavioral management, counseling practices, lesson planning, outreach resources, crisis management, classroom management, psychiatric care, and so on. as one can imagine, these types of trainings are helpful for college students who are majors of teaching, guidance counseling, counseling of mental health, behavioral specialists, psychology, and social work.

Credits are often awarded to our college interns depending on the nature of the internship arrangement. Some interns go through the training program in an effort to become skilled to gain an entry level job in a special education school or to work as a behavioral tech for a clinical center.