American Freestyle Hapkido

American Freestyle Hapkido was developed by Grandmaster Dr. Buzz Mingin, a lifetime martial arts practitioner and competitor. Dr. Buzz is also the director and president of World Karate Studio, which has been in existence since 1991. It was Dr. Buzz’s effort to create a system of competition that was fast-moving, full contact, and high intensity, with a strong standing and submission game. It was also a goal to have all competitors develop a strong standing game with power kicks and punches.

In addition, AFH competition does not have to be interrupted by having judges award points for each competitor’s punch or kick successfully landed. It is also a goal of AFH to encourage competitors to remain standing while utilizing an arsenal of comprehensive offensive and defensive techniques. This concept was developed similarly to the philosophy of self-defense, where one does not have 2-5 minutes to grapple on the floor in a sometimes crisis situation, but rather compete or protect in a matter of seconds. Therefore, AFH competitors are compelled to execute submissions quickly, efficiently, and accurately in order to secure a win.

AFH competitions maintain a traditional culture of the Asian martial arts while employing an Americanized influence, as well. Overall, AFH is a competitive experience of technique, skill, endurance, and tenacity.