Buzz’s Bio


Dr. Buzz is a New Jersey Certified School Social Worker, life coach, expert witness in special education litigation, a public speaker, behavioral and educational consultant, and martial arts instructor. Dr. Buzz is the owner, operator and director of Buzz’s Bookworm, Inc., a company that incorporates all of these services. Dr. Buzz works in various public and private schools throughout New Jersey and provides guidance for individuals who have special needs including, but not limited to, the following:  emotionally disturbed, behaviorally challenged, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, neurologically impaired, physically handicapped, and what families of unfortunate circumstances.

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Dr. Buzz was born and raised in the rural area of Mount Holly, New Jersey, called Eastampton Township of 39 years. He is a graduate of Rancocas Valley Regional High School and Farleigh Dickinson University with his Bachelors and Masters degrees. Dr. Buzz opened Buzz’s Bookworm, Inc. in 1991 and Continued to go to school for his School Social Worker Certification, Ph.D. in Education, and Psy.D. in Psychology.  Buzz has always maintained his love for sports, as he not only continues to train in karate and teach his students, but also coaches flag football and basketball for two of his sons’ teams in Medford, New Jersey. Buzz is married to Bonnie, who is a director of guidance for a public school district, and together they have five children.