Buzz’s Bio


Dr. Buzz is a New Jersey Certified School Social Worker and behavioral and educational consultant; an expert in special education litigation, and nationally recognized public speaker.  Dr. Buzz is the owner, operator and director of Buzz’s Bookworm, Inc., a comprehensive support center that provides support and training for many public and private schools and families in need of behavioral, emotional and educational guidance.  As a life coach and counselor, Dr Buzz and his staff support those who suffer from psychiatric illnesses, developmental and neurological disabilities, physical handicaps, and unfortunate life circumstances. With his Ph.D. in Education and a second doctorate, Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Buzz is known for his “Coping and Accountability for Classroom, School Wide and Household Management”, a protocol that teaches student/clients coping skills for one’s disability with a process of holding student/clients accountable for the choices one makes.



Dr. Buzz was born and raised in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. He is married to Bonnie Maria Mingin, who also works as an educator as she is the Supervisor of Guidance for a public school district. Buzz and Bonnie have 5 children….Jordan, Jake, Jackie, Joey and Katie. Dr. Buzz and his family enjoy traveling, football, eating Italian food, and family time on Sundays with their two dogs…Rambo and Roxie.